Kelly Grace


Kelly Grace dedicates most of her waking hours to art making. Her work is the end result of a culmination of efforts to bring her childhood nostalgia to life. She revisits memories of her past and explores different ways to recreate them in her paintings. Kelly tries to express her love of retro inspired themes and subject matter in a modern voice. As the granddaughter of puppeteers and a clown she hopes to channel this familial creative influence.
Kelly Grace was born in Toronto in the 70's and raised in the rural area of Stouffville, Ontario. Her paternal grandparents were traveling puppeteers in the local fair and carnival circuit in California in the 1950's. This grandfather was also a clown and a painter.


Kelly’s Editions are made using a combination of all areas of her talent. She utilizes drawing, painting and print making collage.
Kelly has always studied the art of vintage hair styling. She will often style the hair of her female models. She’ll do a photo session to capture the source imagery for a series of works. Kelly will then use the photos as a reference to create the pencil sketch which is the back bone of each piece in her Editions style.
Every piece is made with care and each piece goes through several layers of hand applied process. Kelly uses acrylic paint, image transfer and gel medium. She will also hand distress each piece to give it that “retro” look.